Show cause notice u/s 111 by Magistrate to cousin

There was a tiff b/w two parties which escalated into stone pelting leading to the disturbance of the public tranquility. In the process my house gets stone pelted wherein no male member is present at the moment. We move an application in this regard to Police Station simultaneously the aggrieved also move another application. We do not have any bearing with any of the parties. Police merged the two applications and file an FIR or not god Knows. I do some correspondences in [deleted] about the same & also mail the same to the SSP & [deleted]. This irked the Investigating Officer leading to the show cause notice u/s 111 to my cousin. He nurtures the grudge for the correspondence that I have made & is biased towards the other party. My cousin is not involved & in fact he was not present where the incident occurred. Now, Executive magistrate has order show cause notice u/s 107/116 against my cousin. What measures should I adopt to strike out my cousin's name from the aforesaid as he is meritorious student pursuing his graduation.