Sale of Defective (Torn) Material Piece

Dear Sir, I was in Jaipur for a vacation and unwittingly I purchased a Bandhini Suit Material from Rajasthan Small Scale Cottage Industries (RSSCI) shop. When I went back home to Bangalore, I realized that it is torn. I had to sent it back to RSSCI through courier which the merchant acknowledged. However, since the specific piece was out of stock, he advised me to buy something else which I flatly refused since I won't be assured the quality nor the worth of goods ordered. I had no alternative but to demand a refund. He flatly refused. I do not have the original copy of the receipt since I was asked to send it back in the courier. I do have a scanned copy and the entire email communication right from the merchant promising a substitute, acknowledging the receipt of the return, up till refusing the refund. I wish to file a lawsuit against RSSCI to claim not only refund but damages as well. I would like to know how can I successfully file a lawsuit against RSSCI in Jaipur without being in Jaipur ? Best Wishes