Industrial loan default under cgtmse

Dear Sir, After passing out of my MBA, I started a manufacturing company and took a bank loan of 97 lakhs under CGTMSE scheme. Due to an unfortunate fire incident on 5th July, 2014 - our factory was gutted. As we defaulted on the loan, the case has now gone to DRT. Some points on the loan: 1) Total Loan = 97 lakhs 2) Only primary security . No mortgage of property. No personal guarantor. Loan received under CGTMSE scheme. We are presently in very bad financial condition. We have no money to repay the bank. 1) There was no guarantee as it was under CGTMSE. 2) Bank has approached the CGTMSE trust. 3) Bank has also approached DRT. I have received notice from DRT for appearance. I shall do that next month. 4) Fire insurance was initially rejected. Then after pursuing , they are again coming for inspection next week. I dont have assets and possess very little savings (around 2 lakhs as I lost everything in fire) I am worried, can the Bank/DRT jail me? I cant pay back as I have no money. I never had any malafide intention. I left good job offer to start industry. now I am regretting it. Regards, Ramesh Jain