Moved out of country - can quash/withdraw FIR

HI, i work for an MNC and used to travel a lot. since i will not in town i had left my wife under her mother home. since her mother had many debt i had bought that house and made settlement deed in my wife name. But her mother still borrowed more money by showing the same property but document was with me only. when i came to know about this i planned to sell it off and went into an agreement with a builder as joint venture to build apartment by demolishing that home and asked her to leave my home. One of the person who had given money to her mother had come to know later about this and came with 4 gundas to my home where my wife was alone. then we filed a complaint against that FIR and he was been remanded for a week. Now we had moved out of India and how should we proceed with that FIR which we had filled. he was been charged under Section Of Law : 294(b),341,506(1) -IPC. The lawyers whom i believed had also not faithful and was taken huge money from me. Can anyone advise on how to handle this now. Do i need to officially send any request through fax to close this case. IF so will that person who was charged can turn again back to us and file anything new complaint.