I have been in an emotionally and financially abuse married life for the past 7 years, need advice

I have been married for around 7 years. My in-laws are very interfering and since the start of marriage have been very abusive to me and my family. They even influence my husband to emotionally abuse me and recently there has been few incidents where my husband tried to harm me. In the beginning of my marriage, my mother-in-law called my sister a whore indirectly and I was so disturbed that I attempted suicide. There has not been a time when I am with my parents-in-law and sisters-in-law and they have not spoken ill to me to the extent that I get panic attack. My husband and I stay in a different city from hometown. My father-in-law had threatened in the past in front of my husband that if I don't listen to all they say, they will cut off my finances. This was even if they had taken a handsome dowry. So, I resumed my career. Now, I take care of all the needs of my 1.5 year old daughter and mine other than food and rent. Even for my husband I buy even basic things if need be. My husband's salary is more than 5 times mine but everytime I ask him to save for our daughter he denies. He spends his salary and expects me to support him because I too earn. Now, I am unable to cope to this torture and have been in depression for long. I don't want my daughter to suffer because of all this. To refrain from the mental disturbance, I have stopped talking to my in-laws in the last 1 year. But, they are now trying to take away my daughter from me. 12 days ago my husband and his sister came to my parents place and tried to run away with my daughter. When I tried to stop them, my husband pushed me hard on my neck and I had to bite him to escape. Then he threatened that if I don't allow him to take away my daughter, he will cut ties with my daughter and me. Ever since he has not contacted. I am visiting my parents place for my sister's wedding so can't do much now But, I would be grateful if someone can guide what to do. I often think of commuting suicide because of all this but because of my daughter I can't. Also, I know it will hard hut my parents.