can we get our property?

we are in abroad(me & my husband & 1 boy child).My husband has 3 sisters .they are married. My husband sent money to his father for purchase a land (2011 April) . Before my father in law said to him he will call my husband when register a land.but he didn't call and he register that land to his name without consulting us (2011 september). every time we are asking him but still he is not giving to my husband. One and half years gone. last year my father in law given will after we cried (2013 august).After that my husband built a house in that land.But now he is frightening us ,he said "i will change that will".Then he said to us he will give to our son.but that also not now.We are scaring he will change the will or he will put any conditional document with his three daughters .Now what we have to do? can we get our property? Please help... (My father in law age is 75 on registration time years). **[We have proof of bank statements for transffered money to my father in law .If we go to court we will get the property? How?.We have two old papers with my father in law’s signature. April 2011 my husband will give general power of attorney for operating the nre account.]** Otherwise now we leave and then if my father in law did anything, after his death we can claim that property in court with that bank statements that old signature