I wanted to stay with my husband

My husband wants divorce from me To my husband I have clearly said that i had past relationship before marrying me he said no issue at the time of marriage now after marriage every day he used to do domestic violence by asking about my past relationship , as he used to torture Me everyday I have seen no future with him & meanwhile i have been conceived & I said him I will get abortion he said if u go for abortion he will file a brutal case on me I thought that my husband will change after having a baby But after delivery of 2 months he is asking for divorce at back end what ever their parents telling that he is doing Their parents want my husband to get remarried for the sake of dowry I wanted to stay with my husband He is not allowing me to stay in home after many counselings also I can not file 498a as I don't want to end the relationship What cases I can file against him which will not be a ground to divorce & I gave birth to the baby boy will he gets any share in the property My husband is a government teacher if his salary is 46k How maintanence will me & my son get