Reconciliation of marriage breakdown

It has been 22 years of our marriage and we have two sons, both over 18 years of age. For better job opportunity, my husband left abroad in 2016 , all alone saying that he will find better job in India in two years and will settle back here. He visits about once in 7-8 months for few days, has not seriously tried to look for work in India and is still working there. Financially, he has been supporting education of both the kids and sends me a small amount that only takes take of the house rent. I am working and earning decent money. Over period of time, communication between us became very less and now he says that he wants divorce and is asking me to give it through mutual consent. Also, he is just not ready to move back on his decision, despite me trying to reconcile by talking to him and his parents. He is also not willing to take me abroad with him. I still want this marriage to survive for the sake of children and even I am not willing to move on. What can I do to make this work.