Shop rent

I have a shop rented for 20 years. A both signed agreement also done. There one column land lord wrote if he need to extermination any time, then I protest against it and he cut this column and signed column side. It was done in my copy and he said that he cut it in his copy. I go to a law year and notary done by him. My land lord did not give rent receipt in time. He excused his busy ness and receipt gave irregularly even 1 year receipt he gave in a single receipt. I dont care it for our trust and faithfull ness. He did not give rent receipt full year of 2014. on march 2015 when I go to give him my rent he tole me that he did not give any receipt for previous year and no rent he took from me. He want to shop vacant. I told to consider it and take my rent. He told he take it later. On april he send me a letter that because I did not gave him march, april rent I am a defaulter and in that claws which are cut by him he want to exterminate. Then I wrote him that in my copy of agreement this claws are cancelled by him when agreement was done. And I send 2 months rent by money order. Natuarully he refused it and money order came to me. Then I go to rent control but they said because I have no bill for over the year it was not possible to diposit rent to rent control. My dead line is 31st october 2015.. just I know for this sight and I want help for this matter. Please suggest me what can I do, I think he did not cut the column in his agreement and forgot about my agreement he cut and signed it. is it possible to eviction me. Please help me Sandip Mitra