Relationship abuse and property assistance

Hello. Our father has been suffering mental abuse from his wife for some years, and recently I arrived in India to visit my father and she also verbally abused me and my sister until we left. Our father's wife is roughly 17 years younger than him and has been pushing for him to transfer all property and money to her. Where my father has been in ill health and in hospital, she has been moving him money and gold and refusing to let people visit him or let our father go out anywhere, even though we were there to look after him. I have now had to bring my father back to the UK with me to help regain his strength and I am glad to say he is getting stronger; however, we are receiving threatening phone calls and whatsapp messages from her and a local man from the village, who is now fighting with all our relatives in India and threatening them and we really need some legal assistance and advice please. Is there any law that can protect our father and his estate as the man assisting our father's wife now seems to have moved into our father's house and is driving our father's scooter and terrorizing all family members in India as well as my sister, my father and me. My father has not abandoned India or his wife, but because of her abuse and mistreatment towards our father, we had to remove him from the situation to somewhere safe until he has had rest, love and medical attention as he suffers with a heart condition for which he is receiving medication.