Interim Maintenance, 498a, 354, DV act

Hello Sir/Madam, I need the valuable advise in my case. I got married in 2021 & my wife left stating her father is not well. After few days I received call from police station regarding complaint against me. Followed by cases on 498, 354 etc, 125 , DV act. Now judgement from family court has come where an interim maintenance of 15k was granted to her. I have income of around 70k. On liability part, I have a home loan running for 40k/month & have liability of my elderly parents(they have some medical condition where regular treatment is required). My wife stayed with me for 20 days & our marriage was not consummated (Since she kept on giving some reasons & I agreed to her, the same is mentioned in the FIR as well). Questions: 1) Shall I, file a revision in honorable HC since due to my labilities its not possible to pay this maintenance? 2) DV orders are still pending where she is claimed for 15k for house rent. Please guide, how to handle this situation? Because it will not be possible for me to manage another addition of 15k 3) She mentioned in her complaint that She was thrown out of house, where as we can prove that She left herself with a reason of her father's bad health. Will this have any impact on maintenance case trail? 4) Her educational qualifications are more then mine. She has mentioned in the court that she is doing some further studies. Please suggest.