Cohabitation post 3rd pronouncement of Talaq

Dear Lawyers - thanking inadvance for your time. I formally initiated Talaq-E-Hasan & made my 1st pronouncement on 28-Jul-2020 to my then wife & the Jamaat where my marriage was registered, made 2nd & 3rd pronouncement on 31st-Aug-2020 & 60Oct-2020 respectively. I also attached cheque towards maintenance along with all the letters. While she accepted 1st & 2nd letter, she refused to collect the 3rd, which I then shared with her via watsapp & email, but never responded to any of the letters. All 3 letter were accepted by the Jamaat, they just responded to 1st letter & asked my presence for reconciliation discussion, which myself & my family attended but didnt yield any outcome, no response from Jammath on 2nd & 3rd letters. But months after 3rd pronouncement was made, we made peace & started living from 24-Dec-2020 till 10-May-2021; with increasing conflicts, she left home & there's no communication from her for more than a year. So I communicated to her via watsapp that the initial Talaq-E-Hasan was irrevocable, hence our marriage was already dissolved & I cannot pursue a new Talaq, now am planning go for another marriage, but to avoid any future complications, am planning to file petition in court to get my talaq acknowledged. All reasons, discussions, reconciliation efforts from myself & family are documented on those letters in detail & I also have the delivery receipts, refused & returned letters, along with watsapp delivery screen shots. But, I couldnt find any around cohabitation post talaq completion, I now understand its haram as per Islam, but will the same be accepted in Court or will that impact talaq. Thanks.