Met with an accident, FIR has been filed against me.

I was driving my car at 9:00PM in the night, I had to turn towards the right to enter my bye-lane. The opposite road was pretty empty so I decided to cross. While I was crossing I saw a speeding bike coming towards me, before I could do anything the bike came and hit me on the left rear aspect of my car. The impact was so strong that my sedan car took a 180degree turn in the middle of the road (indicating the speed of the bike could be more than 120kmph). The bikers were thrown on the road and were later taken to the hospital in the ambulance. One of the bikers suffered a hip bone fracture while the other had only minor injuries. I narrated the story to the police and surrendered the car to the police station and a formal complaint was lodged by me. When I recived the FIR the case was totally against me and case was filed against IPC 279, 337 and 338. I was filed for rash and negligent driving. It was also mentioned that the bikers were driving slowly and it was my rash driving which went and hit the car. If I had hit them then the impact would be in the front and not at the rear. And how would a car turn if the bikers were driving very slowly? The FIR was totally biased. What should I do now?