Can I Request Court to appoint psychiatrist to guide my child

Dear Sir, I am 33 year old male from Bangalore and I have filed a case under Conjugal rights on my wife and Court had ordered for Mediation and in the two months of Mediation my wife not co-operated on re-joining and she had attended only two sitting where she refused to come back to my home. Now the mediation failed and the file has been transferred to the court and dates for the same are yet to receive. Prior to this she left the matrimonial home 1 and half years ago and in this time she is not allowing me to see my child and she is terrifying my child not to speak with me and my child will get afraid to talk with me if i went to her school to see my child also i have noticed that my child mental activity getting down due to this sequences. My children age is 6 and half years and as a lovely father i am not able see my child mental activity getting down due to this separation for which the reason i have applied on conjugal rights and i have no interested in divorcing my wife. Please advice me can i request court along with visiting rights to schedule any child psychiatrist to guide my child now and in future as i don't want to loose my child love and want to see my child in good development in her mental growth as well as in her studies. Please advice me. Regards, K.S. Chandrashekar Email: [deleted]