Can a Registrar put objection on registry

My registry for a floor was done on 28th Sep.2015. The map for the property is approved and said to have Stilt parking, ground floor, second floor and third floor ( On approved map the floors are mentioned like this). While making documents we had our floor portion typed as Upper Ground Floor in documents since it has stilt parking available. On the day of registry the Sub Registrar/ Registrar checked all the documents including map of property and found them to be OK. In Delhi map is approved by DDA or MCD. One authority writes Upper ground floor and the other writes ground floor for the the floor which is just above stilt parking. Now the person who made the documents is saying that the Sub Registrar/ Registrar is asking for property map once again. I gave him that yesterday and now he is telling me to arrange money to get this matter cleared otherwise they (Sub Registrar)might transfer this case for legal opinion. My question is that can the Sub Registrar now raise objection for such a small issue even when he cleared our documents on 28th Sep.? Or is the documentation man is just trying to cheat me and draw money from me in the name of Sub Registrar. I asked him to ask Sub registrar to deleted/cut the word upper from registry documents but he is telling me that the Sub registrar is not agreeing for that too.He will clear this title as it is but just wants money. Please guide me.