Harassments by daughter-in-law

My son got married in February, 2020. Since then my daughter-in-law has been creating numerous problems for us. To begin with she started breaking household goods. Thereafter she tried to get herself injured by scissors and also tried to jump from roof top. She demanded to live separately. We have given my son and wife a floor consisting of three rooms, out of which one room is with us, in the same house we are living in. The daughter-in-law had been insisting for opening the third room. As we have our households in that room, we refused to open that. A week ago she has brake opened the lock of that room and has put her own lock. She has also changed the lock of the house she and my son used to reside. She is not sharing the keys of the house with her husband and li9ving alone. As my son is not being allowed to live with her by his wife, he is living with us in same house. We want to get rid of these problems and reclaim our room. What are the possible suggestions in this regard. I and my son both are public servants.