Domestic violence mediation successful what next

Hello I filed divorce case on my wife under cruelty after 3 months wife filed 3 cases in her native place which is 250km away from my residence. The cases are 498a, Domestic violence and RCR. In 498a and domestic violence she put the name of all family members including my uncle and aunt who lives in a village 300km from my place and also on of my friend. At the time of income affidavit, wife put false affidavit claiming she is not earning at all and living in her maternal place. The fact was she was earning 5 figure salary that too from big company and living in the my city. We put this in a court and requested court to cross check the proofs with her employee. Upon hearing this her lawyer immediately put mediation in front of judge and judge passed the order for mediation. Mediation was successful with the condition, I have to pay half of some money while putting mutual divorce petition and half after final judgement. It also includes both the parties have to withdraw the cases and file mutual petition. Now 6 months passed wife is not ready to withdraw the cases and asking me to widraw divorce case first. We are having a mediation successful report from judge. In 498 regular hearings are going on and she is not in a state of settle. After mediation the DV court was on long leave and now we put application in front of in charge court to pass the order. What further steps I need to do specifically in 498 case. Please guide