How to win DV case & Quash False 498a Case Filled by Wife (Muslim Law)

Hello R/Lawyers, I was married in Jan 2017. I have one son currently living with the mother. My wife always pressurized me to live separately but I don't want to leave my parents. She & her parents wanted to marry their younger daughter to my younger brother but because of her arguing nature, always ready to fight, and always creating chaos at home type behavior, We decided not to marry my younger brother to her younger sister. My wife left the home of her own will by giving the reason for her cousin's marriage in Aug 2020. From then to till date she is living at her father's home with our son. She never ever called me or msg me to take her back home nor did her father. But we tried our best to take her back home. We took meetings with her relatives and her father's friends but they never send her back. Then in Dec 2020 my father with his friends went to her home to convince her and take back her home but in that meeting her father told if I will come to take her back then he will send her otherwise not. So in Apr 2021, I along with my family went to her home to take her back but in that meeting, her father and her eldest uncle use bad abusive words against my parents and brother and they beat us(Father 68 yrs old & Mother 56 yrs old). So we filed a complaint at the local station against her father and uncle. For this complaint, police haven't yet filled any charge sheet against them. 4-5 days later after this incident, they filed a DV case in court (Apr 2021) & 498 FIR in Feb 2022. Now it's been 2yrs she is living at her parent's home & now I don't want to live with her anymore. We are Muslims. I want to re-marry again & don't want to give her any maintenance because she left the home by her own choice and also want to quash 498 cases filed against us all family members. I also want to know how to file a divorce case and who bears the cost of legal proceedings in a divorce case. Please guide me.