Can a complainant go abroad for higher studies if police delays the chargesheet/closure report?

An FIR for sexual harassment IPC 354A, 409 was filed by the police. I shifted to another state for work after an year as the police did not take my statement under 161. I know that the evidence has been destroyed by the accused with the help of police. I do not wish to proceed any further or deal with the Haryana police. I want to move abroad for further studies on scholarship. What can I do if a summon/warrant is issued by the court if the police files a closure report? I will not be able to appear and nor am I interested in the case as it has been almost 3 years to the incident. Can I ask a lawyer to inform the court about the intentional delay done by police when I was staying at the place of crime and my reluctance to participate now? Will my family be troubled in my absence in India? Can I get a lawyer by legal aid who can appear on my behalf to get the case closed due to too much delay or will the court accept the closure report in my absence? What can I do to avoid further troubles to me and family when I am abroad?