Maintainance Charge in Apartment after formation RWA(Committe)

I have question, I am staying in Apartment condominium. In this apartment there are 3 wings (Wing A, Wing B and Wing C). Wing A and B contain 24 number 1BHK and 24 number 2 BHK. Wing C contain only 2 number 1BHK. In short 1bhk and 2bhk are almost equal quantity. (1BHK 50 Nos and 2 BHK 48 Nos). So, maintainance will be charge as per area of flat or it is equal for all as per apartment act? This is my question. We have taken meeting of all member and decided maintentance for 1BHK is Rs 2000 and for 2BHK is Rs 2100. But some member is against this rule which is decided to general meeting. We are taken only common services charges which are as below, 1. Common light 2. Security 3. Housekeeping 4. One gardern which is common for both wing. 5. STP common for both wing 6. Water tank common for both wing 7. Solar heater common We are not considered Sinking fund and other expenses in this maintenance charge. We can consider these charges per sq.ft of flat. We are confused so i am decided to contact you. I am requesting you to please help us. Thank you very much sir.. From- Pune Maharashtra