Check Fraud

My house got flooded and the repairs were approved to be paid by my insurance. My insurance sent me a check to pay my contractor. It was a large check that was sent to me and had my name and my mortgage name on there. When I sent the check, my mistake, I sent it without tracking and it ended up getting in the hands of someone unknown and cashed a 29k check. My insurance asked me about the check and I said I never signed it. I was waiting for it to come back from my mortgage. They have asked the bank but no answer. I tried calling the bank but I don't have an account there and plus it's not my account, they cannot give me any information. I have a copy of the check and there is only 1 signature on there. I am not sure how they were able to get away with cashing the check. I filed a police report. I signed an affidavit and I also filed a complaint on the bank. No one can give me answers and I need to pay my contractor. I have not been able to find a lawyer to help escalate this and file a case against the bank. All I need is to get the funds back to my insurance so they can cut another check to pay my contractor. Any help is appreciated.