Harassed by Ex girlfriend

Hi Can anyone in group advise me on matter - my ex girl-friend is harassing me and my family by saying that I have promised her for marriage and then keep up to it. When we ere serious I did introduce her to my family and I met her family members too, but later on her behaviour turn out to be very disturbing ( one time when I called her to meet my relatives to introduce her , she switched off her phone and didn't turn up ) and due to which my family member felt disrespected and now don't want to pursue marriage. We never engaged but I our families were aware that we wanted to get married. I feel she is not right fit for ,me as she has been divorced previously where as I am getting married for first time. My fatter has politely and respectfully informed her father that we don't what to pursue marriage plus manglik dosh in kundli is too much risky. At that his father never said anuthing but suddenly after one month she has started abusing me : 1. I am responsible for his father minor heart attach who already has heart attach history 2. Altghough I have return all items and money without questioning how much I spent when we were in relatioship , she continues to back mail me by saying that she will bring police to my home She says she will sue for using her and being physical. I feel what ever happened between us when we were together was consensual I never forced any thing , I feel I never cause any injury or pain but why she keeps on calling my parent and sending these threats. I don't know if I can prosecuted by law, I have whole career in front on me. While we were in relationship she recorded all conversations without telling me, I don't how any one in love can do that , I don't have records but don't know can she use watsup call , recorded by her as proof for something like crime that I never did? Please advise