Terrace access in builder floor apartment in Gurugram, Haryana

Hi My family and I just moved as a tenant to the fourth floor (top floor) of a builder-floor apartment in a decent locality in Gurugram. This building has parking at the street level and four levels above it. The builder has sold the terrace rights to the 3rd-floor occupant. Now, this 3rd-floor resident keeps the terrace door locked at all times. While we understand he has the right to the terrace is it legal to lock it at all times with no access to the key either especially given that the standard code of fire safety by Govt of India dictates that it should also be treated as a fire exit? Despite repeated requests and sharing of the document that has the code of standard practices for safety from fire, he refuses bluntly to seek an alternate route. I have been asking him in vain to lock the door with a bolt-type lock that can be opened even by children. There is NO additional fire safety access to either neighboring houses or to the street. Isn't he wrong? Does being the legal owner of the terrace give all rights to lock a fire exit? Please indicate solutions. Does the police help in this regard? The rest of the residents are not bothered. I have the entire conversations and his blatant rejection on Whatsapp that I intend to save for any fire-related legal issues. Please suggest an alternate course of action. Thanks in advance