Bank Account Freezed by Bank on Instruction from Cyber cell Crime

I am a resident of Bihar and holding bank account in Patna. Few days ago I came to know that my bank account has been freeze on instruction from Cyber crime branch Surat ,Gujrat . I have asked bank to given me the details of the person who ordered to Freeze my account. The bank given me letter and I contacted the Officer whose name was mentioned in the Order. He has given me the transactions details because of which my bank account was freezed.I have given money to one of my friend to transfer to my account. He has done the transfer . Now almost after one year I came to know that my bank account has been freezed because of this transaction which was done a year ago. Now the officer is saying it is third party transfer. As per his words I came to know that my account is freezed based on only complaint no FIR is registered. If I want the complainant to withdraw the complain and want to transfer his money back than what is the procedure Now I want to know can the case be transferred to Patna cyber crime branch .Please advise the best possible way forward and within how many days can I be able to Defreeze my account