Girlfriend is emotional abusing me and blackmailing me for suicide

Hi , i am a boy and i was in a fling relationship with a girl and she agreed to have a fling only and we never used to talk about marrige and after 3 4 months of fling she started forcing me for marrige and i denied and then she was torchering me and was asking me to talk to my parents and i told her No , then she threatened me that she will tell everyone that we are having sexual relationship and her mother also threatened me for failing a rape case and then I talked to my parents and we were so scared that we said yes for marrige then her mom said her father wont allow and marrige can’t happen so she fought against her family for marrige and in the end they still denied and now she is forcing me to have court marrige and leave my family bcoz my family told her that they will allows us to get married only if her parents are agreed so i said no for court marrige and now she is constantly messaging me texting me daily and just emotionally abusing me and she is telling me that she will destroy me and my family because i am not marrying her and because my parents had putted a condition that if her parents are ready then only marrige will happen Now she has crossed all the limits she came to my home 2 times and threatening me of doing things she want otherwise she will do suicide and put my family name on it and her mom is a lawyer so she will look upto it Please suggest me what should i do and she is threatening me that if she tells her family about this then they will kill me or torcher me I have call recording in which she is abusing me and threatening me and also i have chat regarding this and she is twisting the situation and blaming me for all this situation which is happening