Want to regain child custody after 13B

My divorce happened in 2021 Nov via 13B where custody of my 6 year old boy was given to the father. I had visitation rights with a clause that if I get remarried, the visitation rights stand cancelled and all other terms and conditions of contact with son will be re- discussed. I got remarried in Feb 2022. Ever since the court issued the divorce, my ex husband has demolished all ways for me to stay in contact with my son. The 13B terms were signed by me under pressure. My ex husband suffered from erectile dysfunction, and he knows that he can never remarry or have a child. Also, he has some pictures of me which he threatened to leak out if I ask for any modifications. I also did not ask for any alimony. And he had also held all my stridhan which he agreed to return only after I sign the 13b on his terms and conditions. I now want to regain custody of my son. I am a financially independent woman, and can very well take care of my son. Although my ex-husband is financially stronger, me and my husband are ready to have my son live with us, and find a stable home and family.I also have evidence of domestic violence that I was subjected to in the course of that marriage. Also, my ex husband has now shifted his house, and don't know where my son resides from last 1 year. I want to know if I have any chance of regaining custody of my son.