Can we get bail during vacations

My family received a summon 3 months back but since they are not educated and not aware that they need to appear in front of court. Now, police came and took my father to Jail on Thursday. We went to advocate and asked to submit bail application. He said he will do it but there are holidays so it can be done only on 8th October. Its dhara 302 so advocate said it will be rejected from lower court and only be heard in High court. So if we submit the file on 8 in lower court then it will be heard by lowered court on 18 (due to holidays) and then will go to high court and again there are holidays. So the total process will be more than of a month. (Hazaribagh, Jharkhand) Can someone please suggest if there is any way we can get the bail during vacations? when this incident happened (2016) we including my father use to stay at different place and not in village. This murder case is on my uncles who lives in village but other party added my father's name also because he is part of family. With all evidences we had removed my fathers name from the case in 2017 but now my father moved back to village and then the other party arranged some false witness and added back his name. That's why they took him to jail.