False onsite promise while hiring

I approached a hiring manager asking for onsite opportunity. He said for US/Canada I have to be in the organisation for an year but he can consider me for other countries and I agreed and shared my resume for interview. This conversation happen on WhatsApp. Later my interview happened and they put a hold on my hiring as they felt my salary is high. I sent a mail to business head(hiring manager's manager) who took the last round of interview that I am willing to join for the same current salary if I am considered for onsite opportunity. I got a mail saying I have initiated with our HR team and I was hired. It's been 7months and no word regarding onsite opportunity. My manager changed as I was put to work in a different team. I am really struggling financially because I had to move to different city for the job and because of other personal commitments which is why I was looking onsite opportunity. I reached out my hiring manager regarding my situation and asked for onsite. He said he is having an opportunity in Europe but my current manager should be ready to relieve me. My current manager is not willing to relieve me and he wants to wait for an year and apply for US for which the process will take another year. Our business head also failed to help me saying we never promised you onsite and we don't encourage this kind of behaviour (seeking help as I am financially struggling). I don't know what to do. I am mentally very disturbed. I am not sure will they start my onsite process once I complete an year and even if they start again I have to wait for a long time as US visa takes time and also there are chances to get rejected. I really don't like to apply for US but I am being forced to.