Charged IPC 267 without my knowledge

Happened in Kerala During the pandemic I was going to our plantation to check out something happened there due to heavy wind and rainfall that happened last day. When i drove my car just100 meteres from my home police stopped me asked me to come to police station. When i got there they charged me 2000RS and released my car. After so many months i got call that you have to pay 2000rs again in court for the same case. I paid the amount with the help of a advocate. I thought it was just a fine. In august i was hired for a job in a MNC and i got the joining date also . On the date of joining they informed me i will not be able to join beacuse in their background check they found out that i am convicted in a criminal case . I was shocked and checked with the details and at that time i came to know that it was the same case i paid fine for. And i lost my job offer i applied for one other company also it is also pending . I am also planning to go abroad . I think i will bot be able to join any company in india with this criminal background. When i checked i came to know i was charged with IPC 269, Police Act 118e and Kerala epidemic disease ordinance in section 5 . I am stuck in my career i dont know what to do. This was really surprising that i was charged in a criminal case without my knowledge.