Section 406/420/120(B) of IPC

Dear Sir, A complainant has filed a suit against me and my father where I am a Unemployed and my father is a Gov employee…. He(complainant)is opened a bank account and as well as Demat-cum-Trading A/c with SEBI registered Broker and I am only introducer-cum-witness that account at the time of opening of Demat-cum-Trading account and He is Lost his aprox 5.5lac in Trading. After that he is frusted he is complain me that I have withdrawn the total amount from his account u/s 420/406/120(B) We have applied Anticipatory BAIL it has been rejected from both lower and High court. After that Arrest warrant has been issued against our selves. And as such police-Red had occurred. After that we have compromised with the complainant by giving total amount. But even than we have not secure Bail. We are requesting legal suggestions regarding bail and further we want to appeal for the case regarding how it is possible we had withdrawn from his Demat-cum-Trading Account as per SEBI ACT. Pls guide what should we do. Regards Onkar