Money Taken for Plot Now not registring plot not returning money

Three parties Involved 1.Buyer(us) 2.Plot owner (had some aggrement for sale and customer handling with marketing company) 3.sales company guy sales company organised a draw scheme.we paid registration fee and enrolled for draw. my wife name came in draw and one plot no is alloted to my wife name. they given us emi option . after plot enquiry we started paying EMI so far all good we paid 60% amount through online portal provided by sales company. after that we came to know through owner of land that he is cancelling our allotment as we have not paid him anything so far but initial 10% only. This happened because sales company suppose to keep land owner bank account number in online payment gateway but they kept their company bank account number and kept all the money. Now plot owner is saying i will not do registry untill i get all the money and sales guy is saying we have some settlement with plot owner and not giving him money and making excuses and blocked our numbers. we are stuck in between for last 8 to 10 months, what to do how to get our money back ?????