Tenant not residing and not paying rent for 2 years

We have a tenant who was let by my grandfather. Its been more than 40 years he has been residing at my property which is a 1+1 bungalow. There is NO rent agreement furnished between tenant and my grandfather(deceased), my father(deceased) or my mother(who is currently in charge of property). The tenant has not been residing at the property for the last 3 years. He never informed us where does he reside for a year. But he paid rent for 1 year. He did not tell us his current residential address even upon inquiry. The rent amount he was paying until last was Rs. 1500. However, we had made many requests for increase in rent because of modern day maintenance costs. The standard rent in my area is Rs. 15,000 for identical 1BHK apartment. Of course, he was paying quite low when compared t standard rent. The size of property let to him is 700sq.ft. The tenant is still not residing at the property and we don't know of his whereabouts. Its been 2 years he has not paid any rent. In these two years, his son and daughter in law has moved furniture outside the premises in our absence so technically the let property is empty. In these 3 years, I got married and obviously was in need of separate space. We want to notice the tenant that he has not paid the rent plus I'm in need of space and hence to end his tenancy. He is pretty much against the idea of increase in rent. Given that my property is quite old(65+ years), there has been frequent maintenance work for which I need to take control of property to make things better. There are trees grown on the outside wall, its roots have entered bathrooms of let property. Facts about my tenant - 1. He is not residing at the property for 3 years and has not paid rent for 2 years. 2. As per neighbors, he has been residing at his son's apartment somewhere else in the city. Also, his son has 2-3 apartments in Pune as per neighbors say, none of them knows exact address of any. 3. He was staying for 40+ years without any rent agreement. I think he is trying adverse possession trick to get ownership. Is that possible? 4. He is residing at his son's place which makes obvious that he does not need rented premises for living. 5. He sent his son for last payment of rent. His son made a request for change of name in the receipt which is an obvious attempt for taking control of all this. We did not allow it. What procedures can I opt for evicting the tenant in my case? Thanks in advance.