Respected sir/madam I was married in 2014 in Delhi and it was an arrange marriage. meanwhile before the marriage it was told that my husband is a manager in a company father-in-law is also a manager in a company but all of this was wrong and lie told to us after getting marriage and come from honeymoon before entering to home my husband told me that my job is no more and do not tell to my mom or any of the family members of there & mine even my father-in-law was not working from last 20 years how ever now my marriage was done i was shock from this lies but however i was working and now it was new journey which was started for me but from the very 1st day after getting back from the honeymoon my mother-in-law has started scolding me for each & everything your parents has not teach you cooking your parents have not teach you ow to respect you are elder you are good for nothing & was to put the allegation on me that before marriage i was having the boyfriend from when you came to our house we are going downwards even you have effected to my child job.At every month whenever my salary had to come immediately my husband was to withdraw it through my ATM and was handover it to my mother-in-law hands & balance money which was use by my husband whenever i was asking for the money from earning he was providing me 500 rs and use to tell that it will be ok for you i was not to argue and to keep what he was giving to me after 3 months of marriage the cable boy came to our house for taking cable bill it was a Sunday all of us was in home at that time mother-in-law told that boy come betta how are you see my child is also like your brother see na he not getting the job after this word he told my husband to bring his right hand in front of him after seeing the lines in his hand he told to bring his birth chart now i was shock what is going on here with any question he gone to the locker to take a birth chart after seeing his birth chart the cable boy seen me & start saying that all this is happening is because of her means it not getting the job or nay thing bad which was in home was to happen about me she is not lucky to all of you i was disturb for what is going on here no one was there in favor of me all was seeing me but after listening this i ran to my bed room and started carrying till evening i was carrying none of any family member came to me not even my husband for cheering me up meanwhile i had not speak to anyone at that day after that day now it was a Monday as i was on the way to my office after reaching to home my mother-in-law use to say kindly prepare for dinner now overall that day i was tired and was not able to cook after that i had done the preparation for dinner after that daily my mother-in-law & husband had Putin my duty was to give a massage to mother-in-law legs after having a dinner daily at that day i was tired and was not able to do the massage after dinner i gone to sleep what was now she started shouting and telling to my husband that now i had to do the massage by my own your wife had not done the massage today to my legs they are paining very much today immediately i ran down to know what was happen mother-in-law start saying me that you know that my legs are paining after that also you had not done my legs massage i told that i was felling tired today so that is why i have not done the massage after listening this my husband shouted at me start saying how dare you to answer back to my mom just go back to your room just i ran to my room and start saying to god why just i got married and start crying this all things was happening to me and i just was not saying a single word about this all things to anyone even not to my home i was only want to keep the marriage life happy but i got the news that i am pregnant the same news i given to all what was there reaction that we dont want this child you abort it at that time my temper was high & i just told to my mother-in-law that i want to go to my home she said ok go on june 2015 i gone to my mom house where i have told each an every thing which was happening to me from day 1 that time my mom said how can you listen or struggle for this all things you just put the case in CAW i had wrote each & everything what was happen with me in CAW i had 4 dates in CAW Then CAW had forward the case in mediation center where i had 4 dates when i gone on 3rd date the mediation center had told me to bring the list which i had expenses on marriage & told him to come on 4th date with his dad when we gone on 4th date he told to that my parents had removed me from home & from all property and i am not having money to give her what ever gold she had brought from home on marriage she had taken with her when i told that he is laying i have not even taken my clothes from there then mediation center told now what to do he is not agree for the settlement so directly told you kindly refer my case to court i will fight from court now meditation center have given me the next date so i need the suggestion how to fight with this liars however i think that mediation center is involved with my husband i will be very thank full to all of you for your suggestions & how to put my husband and his family in jail since i am not having so much of time because of delivery. Please help me .