Provident Fund

I am a 60 years retired employee. I worked in a public Limited company from 1982 to 2000. in 1997, the factory was attached by the Honourable High Court of Mumbai against a suit filed by Bankers as the company did not service the loan. However, few employees worked in H.O.and provident fund contribution was deducted from the salary and paid in company's provident fund account. Since the company did not pay their contribution, the employee contribution paid in PF account is lying in the suspense account without emploers contribution, form 3 could not be furnished and without Form 3, PF department did not know whose contribution is lying in the suspense account. I proved my employment upto 15.03.2000 which PF department accepted but they ask me to prove my contribution is included in the suspense account. I am ready to provide any undertaking for my employment, inclusion of my PF contribution in the suspense account. Please provide me a legal opinion as to how PF department can take a positive decision in this matter.