Can an architect's office in residential apartment permissible by law?

I am architect & have an apartment in residential scheme which i want to utilise fully as my office. There are two members near my apartment which are taking objection of my usage of flat as office. They are claiming that my professional office is not permitted in residential apartment because it is commercial usage. They are raising it because they wanted to seperate 2 wings of condominium which are part of condominium as per deed of declaration. I objected this therefore they are raising thid issue to divert main subject & creating threat. Wheather it is legally valid objection?---1) They are planning to complain at tax department, electricity dtpartment (mseb) & want me to pay tax & mseb bill based on commercial usage. Is it appropriate?----2) I am in maharashtra & new byelaws & old bye laws have allowed professionals to use residential space as their work space. If the usage is legally permissible, how can i stop these members or comittee from creating problems for me in future?