Correct a Rectification deed

Hi All, 1) I have bought a property in a layout from seller A. 2) Seller A has purchased it from Seller B by a sale deed . There was a error in the extent of land, owing to which a rectification deed was also executed. The land extent was corrected in the rectification deed, but there was a typographical error while updating the document number. (eg doc nbr was wrongly updated as 4145 instead of 4154) in the rectification deed. 3) Now Seller A says he doesn't have any objection but he cant go to seller B for a small typographical issue as they are a very big company. 4) My lawyer says even if we file a case, we might be able to bring in only seller A, and he needs to take it to seller B from there. 5) Could you pls. advice the next steps on how to have the rectification deed corrected ? 6) Also even if we get a judgement to rectify the error, is it possible to have rectification deed corrected with the court judgement alone in registration office or we would still need the seller A and Seller B even after the judgement of the court. If so be the case what if seller B is not willing to come to have the rectification deed corrected.