Owner forced me to leave property

Hi i live with my bf and sister and as we are not married i generated the rent agreement in name of all three of us to avoid any trouble in after one year at the time of agreement renewal owner told me he is selling property and i don't need to worry as he will inform me in advance after 5-10days of renewal he told me that his relative is coming to check the property i accepted that then he started sending more people even when i was in my home he was trying to force me to come back early as his people will come to see the property most of the time parties didn't came on given time and came randomly a day or two later one day one family came with two mens and one women i said them they should come later as this is not the right time and i wasn't infomed about this visit i was fed up with this kind of unexpected visitors and after few minutes owner called me and said either i have to take his visitors or i will have to leave the property rights now my rental agreement starts from 10th of every month and all this happened on 19th i tried to remind him one month notice period law he said he is serving me notice today and i will have to leave the property on 19th and till then i have to accept his visitors as i will find no problem in the middle of month on 19th sep i am forced to leave on 10th aug for all this he said he is owner and can visit his property whenever he wants