Society secretary, chairman as well as few members are harassing me even though as a rightful owner.

I am having cluster house in Mhada, Andheri west. The Secretary and Chairman both have conducted meetings and claimed themselves as panels even though there were only 6 members present out of 31 total members who may not had voted them. The Secretary is cutting water supply and making water available only for 1hr even when bmc had approved water supply for 3hrs and at that 1hr am not present at my residence and there's no one to fill water for me in my absence, he's sending other members to unnecessarily argue with me and threaten me. When I confronted about the nuisance caused to secretary and asked for cctv footage he denied it, I am a regular payer of maintenance to society and the cctv access is given to person who never paid maintenance since they came, thefts of society assets happened in the presence of cctvs. The treasurer was out of station for some days and he delegated his responsibility for paying the water bill to bmc to secretary before leaving, secretary didn't do the payment on time and thereby the society received a penalty of Rs. 10,000/- for delaying the water bill payment, when I confronted secretary for this he is cutting the water supply of my house harassing my tenants, he doesn't even bother other houses who have illegal tenants (banned under the name of prostitution in the area, illegal alcohol producers, etc.,). The chairman made obscene demand on phone when I asked for share certificate. What legal action should I take against these people how can I make them leave their respective positions and let registrar govern the housing society.