Divorce by mutual consent

Hi, I have been married with my wife for close to 4 years and have no children? Few years back I caught my wife with her boyfriend in my house and confronted her. I informed her parents (Didn't said a word to my family) and they asked for 1 chance for their reputation sake. They talked to her daughter and jointly said that such thing will not be repeated again. Things went fine for few days and recently I again caught her and this time I called up her parents and informed that I can't live with her as clearly she is cheating time & again and not happy in marriage. They initially pleaded for 1 more chance but when didn't see any change in my decision they said we have married the daughter and now its my responsibility to handle her and their doors are closed for their daughter. I talked to my wife asking for divorce although she accepted cheating and repeated lying to me but don't want to live without me. I have involved my family and informed them of her behavior but I am unsure if even after accepting her cheating she hangs that she want to live with me how could I file for divorce. Can anyone guide me here. Note: Me & my wife are living under same roof currently although not under talking terms.