Actions for filing wrong affidavit in court

I got divorce through Notary. But later she filled a case in family court under crpc 125 for maintenance. She mentioned in notice and filled an affidavit in Aug.2012 that she has no income and she is dependent, though at that time she was doing job in a NGO. I called for her IT return for last three years in court. It is clearly indicated in return that TDS is deducted by NGO and Refund cheque also issued to her. She was terminated from job in 30 Jan 2013 due to performing Monetary SCAM in NGO. She joined as teacher in a pvt. school. I also got her EPF Slip from that school. It was shocking for me that her EPF was deducted since DEC-12. My questions are: 1) On the light of above, can any actions be taken against her to cheat the court by filling the wrong affidavit...? 2) It is noticeable that during the period of DEC-12 & JAN-13 she was doing Job in NGO and SCHOOL simultaneously, as TDS deducted by NGO and EPF deposited by SCHOOL for the same period. Can a person doing two jobs at two places simultaneously...?