Land acquisition award interchanged.

1. Actual sketch(map) was interchanged between my land and neighbour land by survey department.(mistake of surveyor while sketch). 2.Based on wrong sketch Land acquisition officer issued the award to my neighbour though my land is getting acquired. Since we are living outside we were not aware of these things. 3. We already filed objection to land acquisition officer and they deposited the money to court. 4. Mean while we appealed DDLR for the correction of sketch and they approved our appeal and now sketch has been corrected. Now I have complete legal documents including regestered deed, sketch and new RTC. 5. So in court what should I ask?? For the money rewarded to another person?? Or should I ask for completely new notification and award?? the way neighbour who has got this award wrongly is aware of the issue and have no objections for my claim. 7.also my land already been acquired as soon as they deposit money in the court. Please help what should I file as a objection in court against acquisition officer??