Regarding denial to pay back security and sales and removal of material

Hello Vineeta, We had our small Cafe kiosk in Manav Rachna International University pre Covid and since then out salea were held by the Foor Court company who was sub renting the kiosks. Slowly after Covid, they handed over the Food Court to another party without any agreement with Vendors. The new Franchise partner did not accept any commitments made by the Food Court operator like rent waiver for first six months and then further discussions basis situation. Now since he was mishandling everything with no hygiene, no bills paid to University, University closed the food court and all vendors business has been impacted. Now Owner of the Food Court who franchised the Food Court had huge dues Pre Covid and Post for the University finally did a conspiracy with University to get rid of his debts and has denied to pay back anyone's security and sales and is trying to show the entire amounts adjusted in the rents of Post Covid when nothing was working properly. They want all the vendors to either continue now with direct agreement with University and are telling everyone to give him NOC and then only University will sign agreements with all. We do not want to continue operations there and want to send them legal notice to payback our security, sales before Covid that they never transferred to us and allow us to remove our material. Supinder Singh