Preventive steps in case of a anticipatory false claims from wif

Dear Sir/Ma'm, My wife has willingly left me 2 weeks back and she is currently staying with her parents. She also has the custody of my 4 yrs old daughter. I have repeatedly tried calling & convince her to return but have failed. I have also visited my in laws place to bring her back but she is not ready to listen. Under these circumstances i need some advice on the following. 1. Do i need to proof that she has left home on her own. Is there any pro active step that i need to take to safeguard our interests in case of any false chgs of harrassment. 2. I have purchased a property worth 60lacs which is in the name of both of us. Though she is a coowner and co-applicant in the home loan, i am alone contributing in the emi payment of 30k every mth. Thus, in case of separation will i have to give her half share in the property. 3. she is currently working an drawing a salary herself. But do i still have to give her mthly maintainence. 4. My wife is short tempered and she had attempted suicide once over trivial issues & minor disagreement. She had on several occasions threatened to commit suicide in the past. Thus will this stand against us as abetting her to commit suicide Kindly advice