Complaint from india against husband who’s in USA

Hi ! It’s been 11years we got married, suffered so much and I having 5year old girl.. my husband did so much mental torcher first 5years later we thought if one kids comes in between us he’ll be ok but after knowing it’s baby girl he showed me HELL and did lot of mental torcher also forcing me to leave my child in india and get job in USA.. as I couldn’t bear his torcher I left my child in india with my parents in 2020 went back to US got one job but my husband mental torcher increasing more and more I quit job and came off to india in 2022.. now I’m fighting for divorce he’s in USA and his parents who are in india saying they’ll make sure it’ll be for mutual but they’re dragging so much .. so, I filed 489a and also filed for divorce !! But my husband is not ready to give divorce who’s in USA and also asking to give away my 5year old girl to him completely and challenged me that he won’t let me to move on to other relation he want to drag years together not to get divorced . Any solution in this please ? Do I have right to live in and have baby ? If I do so, do I lose my 5year old girl custody ??