Cancellation of marriage after engagement

Hi everyone, I am seeking esteemed lawyers advice on a major problem of my life. I can call this as worst phase of my life. Below are sequence of events. i was in love with a guy in our family itself and everyone agreed and we got engaged in may and till now everything was fine. now the guy's parents are speaking non sense like i wont suit their son and as they are very rich and we are from a middle class family they are bringing the financial differences in between the relation. they are behaving very rudely with my parents and as im a software engineer they agreed before to work after marriage and now they are threatening me to leave my job after marriage and telling that i want to stay in their house after marriage i should listen their words and follow them else i will be in problem. im confused what i should do now. i want to know, if i cancel my marriage (its scheduled in NOV) what legal obligations will arise. Thank you in advance, please advice me to take right steps since i have very limited time to take decision.