Threatening by Samsung employee on complaint of damage product

Hi Team, I bought a samsung refrigerator, on delivery I found it damaged on 20th Sep'14. Dealer deny to replace the refrigerator but he submitted the complaint in samsung, complaint # [deleted]. After continuously follow-up with samsung customer care, dealer, one samsung employee (he told that his name is Sanjay Chaudhary) came with 3 unknown people on 28th Sep'15. In my home they tried to threaten, misbehave and out of 2 damaged parts they replaced one and took along the second part with the commitment that part will get deliver yesterday only.... When he left the house, I complaint to samsung customer care about the engineer's behaviour and then in place of part I got the threatening call from the service engineer. In night I wrote the below mail to Samsung: "Hi Team, On 20th sep''15 I bought a samsung refrigerator from Ajay Trading Co, Gurgaon. When I was in their shop they advised that they dont have the color available which I am looking for, they will arrange the same from Samsung warehouse and deliver to my home. At the time of delivery I found refrigerator is damaged but dealer said, sir it is the samsung people who dispatched the defective piece and as the stand is damaged and I will make sure to get it replaced in a day or I will replace it. So I made him the partial payment and said once the problem gets rectified I will pay you rest (however the payment matter is in-between me and dealer and I hope samsung employee does not interfere in it.) On 21st Sep dealer submitted the complaint id # [deleted], on the very same day one samsung engineer (Ram Bhagat) came to saw the refrigerator (but didnt inspect completely) and confirmed with in 24-48 hrs they will replace the stand. By the evening when we actually started to use we found one of the bottle tray is also damaged, so I personally called the customer care and Ram Bhagat and inform about the bottle tray and both confirmed it will also get replaced with the stand. From 22nd to 26th Sep I continuously chased the customer service, dealer and Ram Bhagat but didnt receive any satisfactory response. As per customer service, we extremely apologies, we are forwarding the mail to branch and someone from branch will contact you shortly but no call received from branch. As per Ram Bhagat, we are working on it, we are short of parts, as soon we receive the part, we will fix it. As per dealer, samsung team will fix it tomorrow (everyday the same response). On 26th I receive the call from Branch (Sanjay Chaudhary), he advised no one advised us the color of refrigerator you have, so we cant solve it. I will come on Monday (28th Sep) by 11 am to see the refrigerator but wont replace the damaged parts, after getting this message from Sanjay, I again called the dealer and he confirmed either problem will resolve on Monday or they will replace the same. When Sanjay didnt turn by 11:45, no message from him as well, I called the customer service and ask for the supervisor, agent told me that all supervisors are busy and they will arrange the call back within 3 hrs (but didnt receive). At 13:40, Sanjay came with 3 unknown people (unknown because neither they were wearing the samsung dress nor had the icard), and harrassing me in the bad tone, that it is not my job I am looking only for the dealer, and not the door to door replacement. It is the dealer who did fraud and this refrigerator didnt dispatched from warehouse. And his tone was giving the hint that I should treat him like god that someone from samsung came to replace the damaged parts. From this point argument started because he also denied to replace the bottle tray and in a very bad tone he said in one visit we only work on one part. We will not change the another. So I called the dealer, when the dealer was on call with me, Sanjay actually denied what all he said to me in a very bad tone. After watching Sanjay''s reaction I got angry and again argument started, when argument got heaten up, one more unknown person came in my house and their behaviour is like threatening me. So I said to Sanjay, if it is not your job then why you are doing it, leave the refrigerator as it is and go. All of sudden Sanjay voice turned down and he said that I want all your problems get resolved today, I dont have the next part but I will arrange the same for you from dealers shop. I said ok, so he took the part along with him and didnt give me any receipt and saying you will get the fresh part today only. When Sanjay left the house, I called the customer service, and complaint about the misbehave done by Sanjay, then after 1hr I receive the call when I was not at my home, the person was asking for me and saying I got the fresh remaining part of your refrigerator and to collect the remaining money, I said I am not at my home, my land lady is available you fix the refrigerator and while returning I make the payment at dealer''s shop, again I received the threatening reply now if you need the part come to dealer''s shop. I am again confused, when one samsung employee collected the part from my home with the commitment of home delivery then why should I go to the dealer''s shop, and refrigerator is still a defective one and is it the Samsung service quality to go to the customer''s house with 4-5 people to threaten him and to misbehave with him. Request you to please look into the above said matter on urgent basis and take the necessary action at the earliest and confirm, as I am also sending this email to the legal consulting firm that can I also file a criminal case against Samsung along with the case in consumer forum. So, if this time I will not receive any positive response from Samsung, I will have to follow the legal proceeding. Looking forward for your early and supportive response!!! Regards, Niten Kumar" In response I received the confirmation mail from samsung as below: "Counselor answer Dear Mr. Kumar, Thank you for giving us an opportunity to address your concerns. We acknowledge receipt of your below e-mail received at the CEO’s office. Your concern have been highlighted to the unit for resolution. We shall reply with the status within 24 hours. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in the interim. Rest assured, we shall revert to you with resolution or approximate timeline of the resolution. Assuring you of our best services. Warm Regards, CEO’s Office Samsung India Electronics" But now in place of resolution they have closed the complaint in their database. Could you please help how I can deal in this situation or what options I have available as the refrigerator is still defective.