Salary not paid

Dear Advocates, I have been working in a IT firm & staffing company which was started in Dec'2013. I joined here in the month of May'15. Company is run by 3 directors which is not worth. These people are not paying salary from the month of July'15. Reason they are giving is "we are supposed to get a huge amount of money, but it is getting delayed. Once we receive that we'll definitely pay you the salary." They had told this in the mid of Aug'15. However they had promised that they'll pay us the July month salary by the end of Aug'15, but failed! Itz already September end now. They are still saying us that they will pay but they cant give any commitment of dates!! I have done number of follow ups. They always say "this Wednesday you'll receive / this weekend you'll receive / coming Monday you'll receive" . . . !! Fed up of the follow ups. I'm in a terrible need of my salary now. Request you to suggest me the best guidance to get my 3 months salary or I'm even ready to give up my salary, but I definitely want to let them know and teach that employees are not fools!!