Bank freezed my account without giving me any notice and details of the complain received.

Hi, On the day of my salary credited I got suprised message that my account has been freezed for some reason. As soon as I got the message i rushed to the bank to check with the issue. They said they received a notice from Andhara police to freeze the account, i asked them give me the contact details of the police station. However they dint had any information about the complain just the mail from one police email id. My salary account was blocked I dint had anything for my expenses. I followed up with the bank for details and after 3 days they provided me the number of the police. I spoke to the police he said there is some fraud credit in your account due to which your account is blocked. They received the complaint from the victim who transferred money. I asked them the transaction I'd to check the details of th transaction but they are not ready to provide and asking me to visit Andhra Pradesh police station so solve the issue. My account is blocked and there is no other source for money for my daily expenses. I continuously calling the police for details or give me some solution to solve without visiting Andhra Pradesh. I am ready to returned the money if by chance any amount credited to my account. But now the police is not ready to pick my call. Please someone help me with the solution so that I can unfreezed my account.