Hier of property

My father died 10 yrs back, the property was bought by him and some money was given to him my brother who stays in usa. all the property was on my fathers name. we are 2sister and one brother, my brother stays in usa from around 20yrs and he never cared about my parents. for all good and bad days i was there with them not even my sister took care of them. my father always said the property is for 2girls that time my brother never objected as the property was of low cost but now suddenly the property rates gone high like from 1lac to 1crore. he is having 2 sons one major and one minor. my sister and i have 1 son each and major. now brother want most of the share. the total land is 28 hecters now he wants 18acres of it and my mother is ok with it as she says he gave money for that when my father bought. so now i want to know legally how will be property divided. now 7acres of property is on my mothers name , 4acres on my sisters name, 1acre on my brothers name rest my fathers name nothing on my name. i was the only person who always looked after them. please advice.