Tenant not vacating

Hello Sir I have a tenant who is a physically challenged man. He has been staying in our house in 2 rooms on ground floor for the last 13 years. We asked him to vacate almost 2-1/2 years back but he still didnt vacate. Now we came to know that he has decided not to vacate and started blackmailing us that we're causing him torture and anything happened to him is just because of us! In fact we have been very polite and requested several times with several of our friends and we in person also. But that didn't work and this tenant is too adamant to vacate. We have not signed any agreement which is a mistake as this man came as a tenant(actually sublet to this guy from my friend but my friend has left the place) through one of our friends at that time. We offered him help and extremely patient on this physically challenged man but no use at all. We came to know that only alternative to vacate him is through court. But matters in court may take years and this being a physically challenged man on wheel chair, generally anybody will have sympathy for him. Actually truly speaking this tenant has no clean mind and he has deliberately been postponing his vacating date says June/November and doesn't vacate. Now we came to know that he's not willing to vacate. The property is on our parent's name who's a senior citizen, living out of station. The other portion of the property is given on lease to another party and another small portion rented out without any agreement. It's a very small house but this tenant now blackmailing us that he will call media TV channels and report about us that we're torturing him though in fact we have been very politely asking him when he's going to vacate. Can you please help how to get this physically challenged man vacate our house where in this case no agreement signed. Also can the Sr.Citizen owner can serve an eviction notice on this tenant on the basis of self occupancy by the owner? Also the building is 36years old and needs lot of repair work as well, this is another reason. This guy has been troubling us for last 3 years and want him to evict out. Just let me know so that i can advise my parent, the owner Thanks